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Improvement Facilitator

How do I describe what I do? I am a risk influencer!


I help, support, coach, and train people in businesses and organisations to navigate their risk, compliance and system needs. I’ve been compared to a lawyer for compliance needs, as I have immense knowledge of health and safety law as well as international standards for quality, health and safety and the environment.  International standards for quality and environment are now designed to drive/force the adoption of risk based thinking so that organisations consider risk in the wider context.

As a risk thinker, I motivate clients to think outside the square in regards to the risks their particular business faces. I eliminate or reduce all kinds of risk, add value and deliver greater efficiencies in systems and worker behaviours.

I do not create paper mountains, produce binders that sit on shelves gathering dust, or foster a culture that is paperwork or system obsessed. I do work with people to drive practical and innovative processes that are easy to use, which enhances team work and leads to an interdependent, proactive organisational culture. I do align myself to leading edge technology to facilitate improvements.



I am the one who asks “what if…..” in the pursuit of excellence.


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